Brenda Bakke in Solar Crisis

Solar Crisis is one of those terrifically entertaining and genuinely great science fiction films that, for whatever reason, has been snubbed by critics and viewers alike since its original 1990 release. With an outstanding male cast (it features Charlton Heston, Peter Boyle, Jack Palance, Tim Matheson and more), the very beautiful actresses Annabel Schofield and Brenda Bakke, an intriguing story about the sun's deadly energy destroying the earth (and the mission to halt such a calamity), plus some of the best-looking and most creative special effects of its era, Solar Crisis is a true sci-fi classic.

In Solar Crisis, the lovely Brenda Bakke portrays the enigmatic Claire Beeson. Working for the evil IXL Corporation, Bakke's character has only a few scenes in the movie but, nevertheless, with her striking physical appearance and campily cold demeanor, she leaves a palpable impression on the viewer. 

Brenda Bakke has some pretty decent sci-fi credibility. Besides Solar Crisis, she also starred in one of the best science fiction movies of the '80s, Gunhed. Additionally, she also appeared in a first season episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, the 1994 sci-fi cheapie Terminal Voyage (aka Starquest), and various other projects.

Polly Walker in Dark Harbor

Like so many others satisfied viewers across the globe, I was absolutely thrilled with Polly Walker in the 1998 film Dark Harbor. She's a marvelous performer and she certainly had the requisite chops to act alongside the great Alan Rickman. Above and beyond that, however, was her stunning physical beauty. She is so attractive in this movie that I would dare nominate her (if I may be so bold) as the best-looking British actress of the 1990s. Even if I change my mind on this at a later date, being nominated is certainly quite an honor!

Dark Harbor is a great little thriller with some magnificent twists and turns. With an oblique sense of purpose and a dark atmosphere, plus fine performances from the trio of stars (Rickman, Walker and Norman Reedus), the film is well worth watching for a variety of reasons. However, even it was a terrible movie, you'd still have Polly Walker being gorgeous and that's all you really need!

Pamela Sue Martin in Flicks

In 1981, Pamela Sue Martin appeared in a loving tribute/hilarious spoof of the movies called Flicks. Like similar projects such as Kentucky Fried Movie and National Lampoon's Movie Madness, Flicks humorously examines cinematic cliches and typical themes to great effect. However, Flicks was shelved after it was made...but thankfully it was released on video in 1987 so everyone could enjoy this comical masterwork. Though the film has garnered some bad reviews over the years, it really is a very, very funny collection of movie parodies (it also features a number of familiar faces, most notably Martin Mull and Joan Hackett).

Beautiful actress Pamela Sue Martin is first-billed in Flicks. The movie is made up of various segments and Martin stars in the amusing final sequence. In a satire of detective film noir, Harry Shearer provides the voice for an alien/insect private investigator who comes to Earth to find a missing person. Eventually, he crosses paths with the gorgeous Pamela Sue Martin and she must keep a straight face as she interacts with (and kisses!) a guy in a bug suit! She adeptly handles her role and her dazzling physical beauty and charming demeanor is one of the highlights of the funny and very silly Flicks.