Jo Ann Harris on The FBI

If you were watching American TV in the '70s, chances are that you would eventually come across the beautiful actress Jo Ann Harris guest starring on one of your favorite shows. In 1973, she made a very memorable appearance on the long running television crime series The FBI

For her role on The FBI, Harris utilized her 'bad girl' persona, an extension of the one she used to great effect in the feature film The Beguiled a few years before. In the episode titled 'Sweet Evil', Jo Ann Harris played Mary Ann Linden, the younger sister of Cass Linden (Melissa Murphy). Cass had turned to a life of crime following the failure of her modelling career and, along with her violent boyfriend Beau (Andrew Prine), she now steals money and other valuable objects from various people. When the outlaw couple arrives in Tennessee for a short visit to the childhood home of Cass, they end up leaving with Mary Ann.

It turns out that Mary Ann is a troubled youth and she has no problem acclimating herself to the life of a criminal. She even toys with the idea of killing an older gentleman before Beau puts a stop to it. But, of course, the FBI is hot on their trail and will stop at nothing to apprehend them.

Jo Ann Harris, full of devilish grins and searing stares, perfectly portrays a youthful criminal on the loose for the first time. She's extremely physically attractive and she seems to relish playing an evil young lady. It's a chilling TV episode made even more disturbing by her haunting portrayal. Any fan of Jo Ann Harris is encouraged to take a look at her guest spot on this classic television show.  

Jo Ann Harris and actress Melissa Murphy

Cyrielle Clair in Dragon Blood

In 1982, the beautiful French actress Cyrielle Clair co-starred in a martial arts movie called Dragon Blood. The star of this very entertaining motion picture was Taiwanese Kung fu fighting expert John Liu (who also wrote, directed and produced the project) and it was filmed in some breathtaking locations on the Canary Islands.

The presence of the stunningly lovely Cyrielle Clair helps to set Dragon Blood apart from many similar films. Her striking physical beauty is among the first things many viewers will notice and her ability to command the screen was quite evident even in this early stage of her long career. In the version of the movie I watched, her voice (along with the rest of the cast) was dubbed into English....but it was still quite easy to see how good of a job she was doing. The gorgeous young actress also seemed to be having a lot of fun making this and, alongside her effective dramatic scenes, she also has several playful moments with her co-star John Liu.

Dragon Blood is an engagingly campy effort that's easy to watch and enjoy. But even if one is not a fan of martial arts films, it's entirely worth watching just for the good looks and great talent of Cyrielle Clair.