Ann Dusenberry in Goodbye, Franklin High

In 1978, Ann Dusenberry co-starred with Lane Caudell in Goodbye, Franklin High. The film is a great look at late 1970's youth culture and a fine coming of age story. It's a down-to-earth glimpse at real problems faced by normal, middle class American teenagers in the '70s.

In Goodbye, Franklin High, Ann Dusenberry plays a beautiful high school junior who is dating a high school senior (played by Lane Caudell). As Caudell's character wrestles with the all-important decision of what he should do after he graduates, Dusenberry is at his side through tick and thin. Most of her scenes in the movie are with him and they make an attractive and realistic pairing. During the course of the film, we get to see them attend dances and parties, fool around on the beach, and we get to see them earnestly discuss life and love.

Ann Dusenberry does a very good job portraying a cute, levelheaded teenage girl in Goodbye, Franklin High. Her presence is one of the many highlights of this incredibly fun 1978 romp.

Ann Dussenberry and Darby Hinton

Ann Dusenberry and Lane Caudell

Victoria Racimo in Wit's End

In 1971, Victoria Racimo was second-billed in an exploitation film called Wit's End (also known as G.I. Executioner and other titles). Though not released until several years later, this role represents one of the earliest screen appearances for the attractive actress and it's certainly one of the sleaziest projects she ever participated in.

Set in Singapore, Wit's End tells the convoluted story of an American (Tom Keena) living in the Southeast Asian nation. Victoria Racimo (billed here as Vicki Racimo) plays his former lover. Following a complex series of events, the two cross paths and eventually are involved in a murderous plot concerning defecting Chinese scientist and whole lot of money.

It's a low budget affair but it's quite fun and certainly very campy. Victoria Racimo has little to do acting-wise, but she does have a rather shocking scene towards the end of the film. Still, she comports herself quite well throughout and she manages to easily out-act nearly all of her co-stars. An interesting early entry in Racimo's long and varied résumé.

Betta St. John in The Saracen Blade

In 1954, lovely actress Betta St. John co-starred with Ricardo Montalban in The Saracen Blade. Based on the classic novel by Frank Yerby and directed by legendary filmmaker William Castle, the movie is an exciting adventure set in late 12th century Italy. Inexpensively made but quite engrossing and very fun, The Saracen Blade is a fabulous '50s film to be enjoyed by all.

In The Saracen Blade, Betta St. John plays the beautiful Iolanthe. She is in love with Pietro (played by Ricardo Montalban) and she shares many of her scenes in the movie with him. She also has several scenes with her rival Elaine, portrayed by famous actress Carolyn Jones. Throughout the film, Betta St. John is quite composed, elegant and attractive and she is perfect for her role.

Kathleen Beller in Surfacing

In 1981, Kathleen Beller starred in Surfacing. Made in Canada, the movie was adapted from the book of the same title by Margaret Atwood. Beller plays a young woman who, along with a group of friends, heads into the wilderness in order to locate her missing father. Many strange and sometimes dangerous events occur along the way and the journey turns into one of self-discovery.

The early '80s found Kathleen Beller at the peak of her powers. Her physical beauty was beyond compare and the young actress was quite capable and skillful on-screen due to her half decade of previous film and television experience. Any fan of Kathleen Beller would be well-advised (if they haven't already) to view her fine performance in Surfacing. She does a great job and, even if you don't like the movie, her extreme attractiveness is reason enough to watch.

Kathleen Beller and Joseph Bottoms