Press for Genevieve Bujold in Journey

Here's a selection of contemporary newspaper articles and reviews relating to the film Journey, starring Genevieve Bujold and John Vernon. The movie is not very well remembered today and by all accounts did not do well financially at the time of it's release.The consensus seemed to be that Journey was photographed well but confusing for the viewer. I haven't seen the film (it has been released on VHS and, apparently, DVD), but it does sound interesting.

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Kay Lenz in Rod Stewart's Infatuation music video

In 1984, Kay Lenz was the subject of Rod Stewart's "Infatuation". The music video was for the lead single from Rod's Camouflage album released in the summer of 1984. In the video, Rod Stewart plays a voyeur who is obsessed with neighbor Kay Lenz. Since she undresses all the time and struts around in a bikini, he feels the need to compulsively photograph her. Meanwhile, she is seemingly involved with the mob and some old guy is searching for her, all while Rod continues to constantly take pictures of her.

Here are some images of Kay Lenz in the music video for "Infatuation":

Peggy Lipton on The Virginian

In 1966, Peggy Lipton was a guest star on an episode of the long-running western TV series The Virginian. Though she had made a handful of appearances on television the previous year, this was her first really substantial role. In the episode, titled "The Wolves in Front, the Jackals Behind," Peggy Lipton was even given a special 'introducing' billing before her name rolled in the credits, signifying that the actress was really coming into her own. Of course, she was destined for bigger things and just two years later she joined the cast of the very popular Mod Squad series and became a very recognizable face on TV. Peggy Lipton was very appealing in her role on The Virginian...she looked stunning and also had very charming presence and demeanor. It's really no wonder that she would go on to find further success.

Here are some images of Peggy Lipton guest starring on The Virginian:

Peggy Lipton and Randy Boone

Jane Greer in Station West

In 1948, Jane Greer co-starred alongside Dick Powell in Station West. The previous year, Jane Greer had made a splash playing the femme fatale in the film noir classic Out of the Past. Station West, a sort of Old West noir, was her follow-up film and again she played a "bad guy" (though, unlike in Out of the Past, here she is a fairly nice person and has other people do her dirty work for her). Jane Greer looks great in the film, does a bit of singing at the beginning and generally does well with her role.

Here are some images of Jane Greer in Station West: