Kate McNeil in Monkey Shines (1988)

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Wendy Kilbourne in North and South

Wendy Kilbourne is perhaps best remembered for her role as Constance Flynn Hazard in the popular North and South miniseries trilogy.  It was a big break for her career; previously she had only made a handful of guest appearances on shows like Knight Rider, Riptide, and the A-Team

Wendy Kilbourne on Midnight Caller

Wendy Kilbourne portrays Devon King, owner of a San Francisco radio station.  She hires ex-cop Jack Killian (played by Gary Cole) to host a late-night radio call-in program.  Jack never shies away from controversy and Devon always comes along for the ride as hard-hitting moral dilemmas are tackled each week.

Kate McNeil in Beach House (1982)

Kate McNeil

I first saw Kate McNeil in The House on Sorority Row, a pleasing little horror film from 1983.  When I saw her next, in George Romero's 1988 simian paranoia flick Monkey Shines, I barely realized it was the same actress (due to what I felt was a significant change in appearance).  Sufficiently impressed by her performances in both films, I began to seek out more of McNeil's work and quickly became a confirmed fan.

The bulk of Kate McNeil's career has been in the television realm, with scattered feature film appearances over the years. Look here for more detailed information.

Jenny Seagrove

I recently discovered Jenny Seagrove and have since been consistently impressed and satisfied with she has quickly become a favorite of mine. The first thing I saw her in was Nate and Hayes, a 1983 pirate romp starring Tommy Lee Jones, in which she starred as the obligatory damsel-in-distress. Next, I watched her supporting role as the bride-to-be of Dirk Benedict (of A-Team fame) in the debut episode of Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense. However, these viewings were just a warm-up for A Woman of Substance and Hold the Dream, two mid-'80s miniseries based on works by author Barbara Taylor Bradford. Jenny Seagrove starred (as different characters) in both features and I was profoundly struck by both her appealing performances and her stark beauty. I also enjoyed watching her in Appointment with Death, a 1988 Agatha Christie adaptation, in which she shone in the midst of a large ensemble cast.

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