Wanda Hendrix in Prince of Foxes

In 1949, Wanda Hendrix starred alongside Tyrone Power and Orson Welles in Prince of Foxes. It was a terrific historical adventure and Wanda Hendrix starred as the beautiful Camilla who captures the heart of Andrea Orsini (Tyrone Power). This role should have brought great stardom and better roles to the lovely actress, but Wanda Hendrix (though she worked steadily throughout the 1950s and beyond) never achieved the level of fame she may have deserved. After watching Prince of Foxes, one has to wonder how someone so gorgeous and natural on screen was not better utilized by Hollywood and why she is not better remembered today.

Here are some images of Wanda Hendrix in Prince of Foxes:

Wanda Hendrix and Orson Welles

Wanda Hendrix and Tyrone Power

Here are some original newspaper promotional material for Prince of Foxes:

A photo of the lovely Sally Gray

Sally Gray was a terrific British actress who was active on screen from 1935-1952. She is one of the most highly watchable actresses I've ever come across...incredibly beautiful and highly skilled!

Clip of Meg Foster in James Dean (1976)

Here's a clip of Meg Foster in the 1976 TV movie James Dean. This seven-and-a-half minute clip represents Meg Foster's entire contribution to the film, portraying Dizzy Sheridan. The first scene takes place in a diner with James Dean (played by Stephen McHattie, who she had a relationship with in real life) and William Bast (Michael Brandon). She then goes with the pair on a trip back to James Dean's boyhood home. Finally, Meg Foster chats with Michael Brandon in a restaurant.

3 photographs of the lovely Wendy Kilbourne

Wendy Kilbourne is one of those wonderful actresses that a lot of people still don't know about (or they don't know that she was in anything outside of the North & South miniseries). Here's a trio of pictures to help remind you about how beautiful Wendy Kilbourne is!

Jane Greer in Run for the Sun

In 1956, Jane Greer co-starred with Richard Widmark and Trevor Howard in the exciting adventure Run for the Sun. It was Jane Greer's second-to-last film of the 1950s (before concentrating on television work until her return to the big screen in 1964) and certainly one of her best efforts from that decade. Jane Greer and Richard Widmark make a highly watchable screen duo as they attempt to escape from the evil Trevor Howard and his Nazi henchmen deep in the Mexican wilderness.

A pair of original newspaper ads for Run for the Sun:

Here's a trio of contemporary reviews for Run for the Sun. The consensus seems to be positive!

Here are some semi-bizarre press blurbs printed during the filming of Run for the Sun. The first one (presumably concocted by a press agent) talks about Richard Widmark saving Jane Greer from a stunt snake. The second two newspaper tidbits, inexplicably, concern the food served on the Run for the Sun Mexican location production.

Here are some images of Jane Greer in Run for the Sun (click to view full size):

Janet Leigh in The Red Danube

In 1949, Janet Leigh was one of the stars of The Red Danube. The film's stars included Walter Pidgeon, Ethel Barrymore, Angela Lansbury and also Peter Lawford, the actor that Janet Leigh shared many of her scenes in the movie with (the pair had already both appeared in Little Women earlier in 1949 and would be re-teamed again in 1952 for the wonderful romantic comedy Just This Once).

Here are some original advertisements and promotional materials for The Red Danube:

Here's a pair of articles focusing on Janet Leigh's involvement with The Red Danube. Apparently, since Janet Leigh played a ballerina in the movie, a real ballet company offered her a job. Sounds like something a press agent came up with but who knows?

Finally, here are some images of the beautiful Janet Leigh in the Red Danube:

Janet Leigh and Ethel Barrymore