Samantha Eggar in Psyche 59

In 1964, Samantha Eggar co-starred in a wonderful film called Psyche 59. The actress portrays a gloriously fiendish woman named Robin, the younger sister of the supposedly blind Alison (Patricia Neal). Robin has a twisted psyche and revels in over-the-top sexuality and evilness. As she toys with the emotions of her sister, she also has her way with the two male leads played expertly by Curt Jurgens and Ian Bannen. Crisp black & white cinematography, disturbing subject matter, outstanding performances, bizarre vibrations and a lovely display of Samantha Eggar's beauty all combine to make Psyche 59 an excellent, highly watchable movie.

Kathleen Beller in Movie Movie

In 1978, Kathleen Beller appeared in Movie Movie, a lovingly crafted tribute/spoof to the golden age of cinema. It's a fantastic film with lots of great actors and actresses and is endlessly funny and entertaining. Kathleen Beller is barely in Movie Movie, just sharing a few brief scenes with Harry Hamlin and Barry Bostwick in the first half of the film. However, she does get two closeup shots and that is what we'll take a look at below:

Carolyn Seymour on Hazell

In the 1980s, British actress Carolyn Seymour was a fixture on American television. In the previous decade, however, she was mostly involved in UK based projects and one of her final UK television appearances was on the private detective series Hazell in 1979.

Carolyn Seymour was fantastic to watch in her guest appearance on Hazell. She is not only strikingly beautiful here with her trademark short hair, but the actress also easily handles her role. In the episode, titled "Hazell Gets the Bird," Carolyn Seymour plays a character named Caroline Bancroft. She meets P.I. Hazell and involves him in a case of rare birds and marriage license scams.

Karen Allen on Knots Landing

In 1979, Karen Allen was the special guest star in the pilot for the TV series Knots Landing. The young actress had only recently begun appearing in film and television projects and her role in this Dallas spin-off was great exposure for her. Soon after, Karen Allen would be featured in some very high profile films and she would not return in earnest to television until the 1990s.

In the pilot for Knots Landing, Karen Allen plays a wild, troubled teenage girl named Annie who causes great distress for her parents. It's a fun part and one wishes that Karen Allen could have been on the show or at least have had a recurring role.

Karen Allen was stunningly beautiful when she appeared on Knots Landing. The actress flashes her trademark smile a few times and, since she is playing a teenage girl, gets to do the things that teenagers are known for like acting angry, acting depressed, etc. It really would have been nice to have seen Karen Allen do a few more roles where she played a younger character since shortly after this she moved on to playing adult roles exclusively.

Here are some images of Karen Allen on Knots Landing:

Carolyn Seymour in The Assignment

The Assignment is somewhat of an oddity. It's an excellent movie, highly watchable and well made, but has never really gotten the attention it deserves. Despite the film having star power in the form of Christopher Plummer, the Swedish-made The Assignment has languished for too long.

Besides a campy Christopher Plummer, The Assignment boasts a great performance from Swedish actor Thomas Hellberg and also the presence of the gorgeous Carolyn Seymour. The 1977 film is set in Latin America and Plummer and Seymour both are meant to have accents, both both actors drop their accents shortly after the movie begins. 

One gets the feeling that if The Assignment had been bigger, it would have been great exposure for an actress like Carolyn Seymour. Nevertheless, Carolyn Seymour is fantastic in the film, smoking lots of cigarettes and projecting a confident, sexy cool.

Barbara Hershey on The Invaders

In early 1968, right before she began her feature film career, Barbara Hershey appeared as a guest on several television shows. One such appearance was on The Invaders where the young actress played a beautiful girl who thinks she has taken part in a miracle. The episode, appropriately titled "The Miracle," is a great showcase for the lovely Hershey and she even gets to do a brief scene where she tries to seduce Roy Thinnes! 

Sally Gray photocards

British actress Sally Gray was quite popular on the stage and screen in the 1930s and '40s. Accordingly, people wanted images of her...and, because of her timeless beauty and lasting appeal, they still do! So, here are a few pictures of the ever-lovely Sally Gray that have stood the test of time: