Sally Gray in Cheer Up

In 1936, Sally Gray co-starred with Stanley Lupino in the excellent British musical Cheer Up! In a star-making turn, Sally Gray stars as a character named...Sally Gray, a dancer wanting to work in the movies.

This early gem from the fabulous screen career of Sally Gray is a real pleasure to watch. Stanley Lupino (alongside sidekick Roddy Hughes) is hilarious and Cheep Up! features a number of great comedy bits. Also featured, of course, are several songs and these go over quite well too. What drew me to the film, however, was the presence of Sally Gray. She is young and beautiful in Cheer Up! and, unlike her later films, she gets to dance and sing. Sally Gray engages in two fantasy musical numbers, one where she dances with Stanley Lupino on a dream-like set and another where she sings in front of three mirrors and imagines a group of men are admiring her. It's all very entertaining!

Susan Saint James on It Takes a Thief

Early in her career, Susan Saint James had a recurring role on the TV series It Takes a Thief. The show, which starred Robert Wagner as a master thief turned secret agent, featured Susan Saint James as fellow thief Charlene 'Charlie' Brown on four occasions (she also appeared in the pilot for the series as a different character).

Susan Saint James is absolutely great in her role of 'Chuck' on It Takes a Thief and she displays her trademark energy and charm (and is quite visually appealing too!). She also has great chemistry with star Robert Wagner.

When Susan Saint James originally appeared in two first season episodes, she had very short hair. In fact, Robert Wagner's character even refers to her as the girl with the "boy haircut" at one point. When the actress reprised her role in a pair of third season episodes, she had since grown her hair out.

"It Takes One to Know One" - January 16, 1968

"When Thieves Fall In" - February 27, 1968

"Payoff in the Piazza" - November 13, 1969

"The Suzie Simone Caper" - March 2, 1970

Jo Ann Harris on TV 1968-72

Jo Ann Harris is one of those great performers that time seems to have been forgotten. The actress began working in 1967 and maintained a near constant presence on television for the next dozen years with sporadic appearances thereafter. Jo Ann Harris is a joy to watch and embodies the rare combination of talent and beauty. She was equally adept at comedy and drama, her physical attractiveness allowing her to play the pretty girl and her comedic sensibilities usually leading her towards quirky roles.

Keeping all this in mind, Jo Ann Harris is certainly worthy of a retrospective pictorial. Presented in chronological order, here are some great images of Jo Ann Harris from various 1968-72 television appearances:

Jo Ann Harris on Dragnet in 1968:

Jo Ann Harris on Judd for the Defense in 1968:

Jo Ann Harris on Adam-12 in 1969:

Jo Ann Harris on Gunsmoke in 1969:

Jo Ann Harris on The Mod Squad in 1969:

Jo Ann Harris on The High Chaparral in 1969:

Jo Ann Harris with Heather Menzies on The High Chaparral in 1969:

Jo Ann Harris on Medical Center in 1970:

Jo Ann Harris on The Virginian in 1970:

Jo Ann Harris on Medical Center in 1972:

Jo Ann Harris on Medical Center in 1972:

Jo Ann Harris on The Streets of San Francisco in 1972:

Jo Ann Harris on The Bold Ones: The New Doctors in 1972:

Frances Farmer in Rhythm on the Range

In 1936, Frances Farmer co-starred with the legendary Bing Crosby in Rhythm on the Range. The movie was a comedy about a rich girl and a cowboy eventually falling in love, with Bing throwing in a few songs throughout.

Frances Farmer is amazing in Rhythm on the Range and the film is a showcase not only for her natural talent and charm, but for stunning looks and innate star-quality. Rhythm on the Range is not, perhaps, the first movie people think of when thinking about Frances Farmer. However, even though the movie is rather slight, it was her first 'big' movie. It is great to see the wonderful Farmer in a light, comedic setting and she really excels in this environment. She has great chemistry with Bing Crosby and (alongside the over-the-top antics of Martha Raye and Bob Burns) it makes for an entertaining picture.

Here are some images of Frances Farmer in Rhythm on the Range: