Diana Rigg and The Assassination Bureau

In 1969, Diana Rigg co-starred with Oliver Reed in The Assassination Bureau. Both of the lead stars gave pitch perfect performances and were joined by a great supporting cast in an incredibly fun movie. Diana Rigg's role was ideal as a follow-up to her legendary run on the classic television series The Avengers. In fact, some of the appeal (as well as some of the publicity) for The Assassination Bureau came from the fact that the movie was Diana Rigg's first big feature film and her most visible project following her departure from The Avengers. Her role in The Assassination Bureau might be the best from the first phase of her career. She would go on to be featured much more recognizably in the James Bond film On Her Majesty's Secret Service and star alongside George C. Scott in The Hospital, but these roles could be considered somewhat less substantial in terms of time on screen. The Assassination Bureau featured Diana Rigg at perhaps the absolute height of her powers: youthful, beautiful, funny and charming.

Here are some contemporary newspaper clippings concerning Diana Rigg and The Assassination Bureau:

Here are some images of Diana Rigg in The Assassination Bureau:

Samantha Eggar in The Molly Maguires

Samantha Eggar was at the height of her powers in the mid to late 1960s, taking part in a number of very memorable motion pictures. One such movie was The Molly Maguires which was filmed in 1968 but not released until 1970. It was an expensive film that ended up being a notorious financial failure at the time of it's release (a similar situation occurred with another Samantha Eggar movie, 1967's Doctor Dolittle). However, The Molly Maguires is an excellent piece of cinema, completely undeserving of it's 'flop' status. Samantha Eggar doesn't have all that much to do in The Molly Maguires but she makes the most of her time on screen. She looks great throughout the movie and, thankfully, she does not go over the top with her Irish accent!

Here are some promotional photos of Samantha Eggar and her Molly Maguires co-stars:

Samantha Eggar: love the hat!

Samantha Eggar and Richard Harris

Samantha Eggar with Richard Harris and Sean Connery

Here are some images of Samantha Eggar in The Molly Maguires:

Meg Foster: gorgeous!

Another great photo of the ever lovely Meg Foster.

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