Meg Foster on Circle of Fear

In 1973, Meg Foster was a guest star on an episode of Circle of Fear titled 'Spare Parts'. The show had previously been known as Ghost Story and Meg Foster had also made a guest appearance on the series when it was known by that name.

Meg Foster had very distinctive eyes and this particular TV appearance really made use of this fact. Her character was a blind woman who was receiving an eye transplant. Since this was a horror anthology, the actress was able to use her translucent blue eyes to great, creepy effect when it turned out that the eye donor left some unfinished business after his death.

As with so many of her other early 1970s television guest appearances, Meg Foster does a great job here. And, as you can see in the pictures below, she even gets a chance to wear two different pairs of very hip sunglasses!

Here are some images of Meg Foster on Circle of Fear:

Glynis Barber in Yesterday's Hero

In 1979, Glynis Barber played a supporting role in her second feature film, Yesterday's Hero. The movie is not very well remembered today and majority of reviews you come across range from lukewarm to negative. However, after viewing Yesterday's Hero I can safely say that it is a pretty good movie and certainly not as bad as some critics have said.

Yesterday's Hero stars the awesome Ian McShane as a former soccer star who has become an alcoholic. He gets a shot at returning to the big time and has to try to quit drinking. At the beginning of the movie, McShane is sleeping with the lovely Glynis Barber. He inexplicably ends his relationship with this woman so he can pursue a former lover, an improbably named pop signer named Cloudy. Cloudy is played by Suzanne Somers, who looks like a haggard drag queen compared to the beautiful Glynis Barber.

Glynis Barber's role in Yesterday's Hero is fairly small (she only has three or four scenes in the film), yet the actress is quite memorable in this early role. The movie itself is purely for fun, even beyond the charming demeanor and attractive appearance of the young Barber. Some have derided the songs performed by Paul Nicholas and Suzanne Somers, but they are really just fun, energetic pop/disco tunes that help give Yesterday's Hero a fun vibe.

Meg Foster on Ghost Story

In 1972, Meg Foster appeared on one of the first episodes of the horror anthology series Ghost Story (also known as Circle of Fear). The actress would guest star on the show again several months later in one of the final episodes of the short-lived show.

The episode "At the Cradle Foot" revolves around actor James Franciscus and his bizarre journey to Wyoming to solve the murder of his daughter. The thing is though, his daughter's murder hasn't happened's a premonition he's having. He feels that his daughter will be murdered on a carousel in the future, so he travels to Wyoming in the hope that he can prevent this strange occurrence. Once there, James Franciscus meets a young woman named Julie (played by Meg Foster) who works at the boarding house he stays at. Of course, she ends up being involved in his preposterous visions of future events.

As you might know, Meg Foster maintained a near omnipresence on TV during the 1970s. Her appearance on Ghost Story was just another fine example of the fabulous work the beautiful actress was doing on American television back then. Though her time onscreen was limited here, as always, Meg Foster managed to make a very nice impression.

Here are some pictures of Meg Foster on Ghost Story:

Meg Foster & Jeremy Slate

Meg Foster & James Franciscus

Meg Foster weeps

Barbara De Rossi in Blood Ties

In 1986, Barbara De Rossi was one of the stars of Il cugino americano, a four hour Italian made-for-television production. The project, which featured a mix of American and Italian actors, was later released (in heavily edited form) in the US and UK under the title Blood Ties.

Unfortunately, many of Barbara De Rossi's scenes were cut for the truncated version...but at least the beautiful Italian actress still had some nice scenes left intact. As a non-Italian speaking fan of Barbara De Rossi, I always feel lucky when I am able to view her projects either dubbed into English or, preferably, with the original Italian audio accompanied by English subtitles. Many of her Italian television work and films are simply not available, or not available with English options, and so something like Blood Ties is truly a blessing for fans.

Here are some images of Barbara De Rossi in Blood Ties:

Ornella Muti in Innamorato Pazzo

Just like so many other people out there, I am a fan of Ornella Muti. One of the most visually striking actresses of all time, Ornella Muti has an instant appeal. She is also quite charming and never more so than in the delightful 1981 comedy Innamorato Pazzo (aka Madly in Love). The movie (a hilarious riff on the oft-used princess pretends to be a normal person for a day scenario) is a great showcase for Italian comedic actor Adriano Celentano as well as for the charm and beauty of Ornella Muti.

Jenny Agutter in The Man in the Iron Mask

In 1977, Jenny Agutter co-starred alongside an all-star cast in an adaptation of The Man in the Iron Mask. The actress is appropriately beautiful as Louise de la Valliere.

A promotional newspaper illustration

1977 was perhaps the zenith of Jenny Agutter's career. The previous year she had appeared in two big feature films, Logan's Run and The Eagle Has Landed, and 1977 would see her in another big film, Equus.

This period in Jenny Agutter's career can be seen as a transitional one, as the actress was moving on from a decade's work as a child actor. Luckily, she transformed into a stunning young woman and, after moving to America, was able to attain some some big box office success in the mid-late '70s. Jenny Agutter's role in The Man in the Iron Mask is direct evidence of her physical appeal and of her charming screen presence.

Here are some images of Jenny Agutter in The Man in the Iron Mask: