Kitty Winn in Mirrors (1978)

I first became interested in Kitty Winn after watching The Panic in Needle Park, in which she gave an outstanding performance. Shortly thereafter I watched The House That Would Not Die and I was again very pleased with her work. Knowing that she was featured in the horror classics The Exorcist and Exorcist II, I had always wanted to see the final starring role of her career in the psychological voodoo horror movie Mirrors from 1978.

When I finally did get a chance to view Mirrors, I was not disappointed. I didn't have high expectations for the film, I just simply sat down and watched it not knowing what to expect exactly. Mirrors turned out to be engaging and rather engrossing. The movie is filled with great camera work, great New Orleans scenery and interesting imagery throughout. Kitty Winn is a very intriguing actress and she handles her part well. Her eyes are very expressive and she uses them to great effect. I feel like Kitty Winn was very deserving of this starring role; it's just too bad the movie did not experience wider popularity. I love the warmth of vhs, but I'd still love to see the film in remastered form and I think a dvd release could help this film find an audience.

Here's a few images of Kitty Winn in the 1978 film Mirrors:

Jill Townsend is Dulcey Coopersmith on Cimarron Strip

Though it only lasted for one season, Cimarron Strip was great show. But it was the presence of Jill Townsend as the lovely Dulcey Coopersmith, proprietor of the local inn, that really added to the noteworthiness of this 90 minute western. Played with such charm and grace, Jill Townsend really carved out a memorable spot in television history.

Jill Townsend on Space: 1999

In 1977, Jill Townsend made a very memorable guest appearance on the sci-fi TV show Space: 1999. This episode aired right before the second series of Poldark first aired. After that Jill Townsend pretty much retired from acting, only appearing in the horror movie The Awakening in 1980 and an appearance on the TV show Scarecrow and Mrs. King in 1985. However, her featured role on Space: 1999 really displayed her fundamental beauty and charm and was a nice way to cap off over a decade of great TV guest appearances.

Janet Julian in Ghost Warrior

In 1986, Janet Julian starred in Ghost Warrior, a movie about an ancient samurai frozen in ice who is awakened in 1980s Los Angeles. Also known as Swordkill, the movie features Janet Julian as the woman who understands the samurai and is the only person who really wants to help him. Ghost Warrior is a fun movie but not very well remembered today but well worth viewing if you have the time...or if you like Janet Julian. This, along with Choke Canyon which came out the same year, were her last 'big' movie roles and she would not appear in anything again until 1989 when she got a featured role on the TV show Falcon Crest. She did a few movies in the 1990s (including King of New York) but was not featured as heavily as she was in Ghost Warrior.

The following are some images of Janet Julian in Ghost Warrior aka Swordkill:

Janet Louise Johnson is Nancy Drew

Before she took the name Janet Julian, she was known Janet Louise Johnson. She had done two TV appearances in 1973 when she was a kid, but in 1978 she replaced Pamela Sue Martin on The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries. It was a fine choice but unfortunately it was not meant to be. Janet Louise Johnson only got to be in four episodes of the show at the end of its second season. The producers chose not to feature a Nancy Drew character at all in the third season and the show ended afterwards. Would the show have survived longer if they had kept Janet L. Johnson on the show? It certainly couldn't have hurt. Unfazed, Janet went on to do a bunch of television guest appearances, changed her professional name to Janet Julian around 1980 and found some success on TV and in movies.

The following images are of Janet Louise Johnson in the 1978 episode 'Mystery on the Avalanche Express' of The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries:

Barbara De Rossi in Nosferatu a Venezia

In 1988, Barbara De Rossi appeared in the film Nosferatu a Venezia alongside actors Klaus Kinski, Christopher Plummer and Donald Pleasence. The movie is also known as Vampire in Venice and Nosferatu in Venice. Unfairly compared to its predecessor, the 1979 film Nosferatu the Vampyre, Nosferatu a Venezia is actually a fun, campy movie. The film apparently had a bit of a troubled production and it does show in the final product, but nevertheless the movie remains highly watchable. Barbara De Rossi is not in the movie all that much, but she does play a key role and gets her fair share of screen time.