Clip of Barbara De Rossi in Quo Vadis

Here's a clip of Barbara De Rossi in the 1985 miniseries Quo Vadis?. In this scene, Eunice (Barbara De Rossi) and her master Petronius (Frederic Forrest) watch a strange ancient ritual and follow it up with a short chat. Of course, it is not Barbara De Rossi's real voice being used. Her voice is dubbed, as it is in almost all of the English language projects she took part in.

Clip of Samantha Eggar on The Saint

In 1963, Samantha Eggar made a wonderful guest appearance on The Saint. Here's a clip of her introductory scenes in the episode called 'Marcia' acting opposite the saintly Roger Moore!

Meg Foster in The Scarlet Letter (1979)

In 1979, Meg Foster portrayed Hester Prynne in a PBS adaptation of the Nathaniel Hawthorne novel The Scarlet Letter. The follwoing is a collection of promotional materials for the miniseries, with a focus on the presence of actress Meg Foster.

Here are two print advertisements for The Scarlet Letter:

Some photos publicity pics of Meg Foster in The Scarlet Letter:

Here's a print article about Meg Foster's role in The Scarlet Letter:

And here are some newspaper clippings of Meg Foster as Hester Prynne in The Scarlet Letter:

Meg Foster in Welcome to Arrow Beach

In 1974, Meg Foster starred in the horror film Welcome to Arrow Beach. Simply put, the movie is under-seen and underrated by many. I actually had some superficial reservations about seeing the movie based on a number of negative and lukewarm reviews I had read, both from professional and amateur critics. As is often the case, I should have known better to put any stock in what the reviewers had written. I very much enjoyed Welcome to Arrow Beach and found it to be quite entertaining, well-paced, solidly assembled and highly watchable film (I was watching the uncut version and I can see why people would potentially hate a heavily edited TV version). Great performances were given all around but, of course, I was watching the movie because of Meg Foster...and to this end I was certainly not disappointed in the least!

Meg Foster and Laurence Harvey

Here are some images of Meg Foster in Welcome to Arrow Beach:

Meg Foster and David Macklin

Lois Chiles on Hart to Hart

Like a lot of other people, I first became aware of Lois Chiles through the 1979 James Bond epic Moonraker. Of course, she had been around for a few year prior to that movie and had smaller roles in The Way We Were, The Great Gatsby and Coma. She also had an important role in the 1978 adaptation of the  Agatha Christie mystery Death on the Nile. After Moonraker, she did a lot of TV work (including a stint on Dallas) and had scattered movie roles which continued into the 2000s. However, I had always wanted to see her immediate follow-up to Moonraker, only to discover that she didn't really have one. Her first post-Moonraker project was two years later with a guest appearance on the TV show Hart to Hart.

In the Hart to Hart episode 'The Latest in High Fashion Murder', Lois Chiles gets an opportunity to play dual roles. Her primary character is that of a fashion model which she plays with ease since she was one in real life. Overall the episode is a good one (especially if you like this sort of thing...which I do!). Joe Pantaliano is one of the other guest stars and also look for Shari Belafonte in one of her earliest TV appearances.

The episode begins with a montage of photos of models with a focus on several images of Lois Chiles:

Then the episode moves on to a photo-shoot where Lois Chiles gets to wear a unique outfit:

Then on to the rest of the episode. Lois Chiles gets to chat with Stefanie Powers, attend a party and go to another photo-shoot at the Hart's house. Then comes her big scene where she gets to cry and do some real acting.

Lois Chiles and Stefanie Powers on Hart to Hart

Lois Chiles on Hart to Hart

Oh yeah, she also plays another character...her "sister". Here's a pic of that:

Clip of Jill Townsend on The Girl from U.N.C.L.E.

In 1967, Jill Townsend made her second ever television appearance on the TV show The Girl from U.N.C.L.E. Her role was small but nonetheless very memorable due to her absolutely charming demeanor. The episode was called 'The Drublegratz Affair' and in this scene Jill Townsend has a nice chat with Noel Harrison.

Clip of Tarah Nutter on Nero Wolfe

In 1980, Tarah Nutter starred in the science fiction horror cult classic Without Warning. The rest of her short career took place on TV shows and TV movies and the first thing she did after Without Warning was a guest appearance on the detective series Nero Wolfe. In this clip from the episode 'Before I Die', Tarah Nutter gets a visit from a young Lee Horsley.

Various photos of Samantha Eggar

Here's a collection of miscellaneous photographs of Samantha Eggar.

A young Samantha Eggar poses for the camera

Samantha Eggar's feet!