Sally Gray in I'll Get You

In 1952, British actress Sally Gray starred in her final film, I'll Get You (originally titled Escape Route in the UK). The movie can be seen as a blessing or a curse. In one way, it was great to see the actress on screen one more time and paired with a famous American actor, George Raft. On the other hand, I'll Get You is not exactly a masterpiece, rather a cheaply made acceptable time-waster. Sally Gray's second to last film, Obsession (also known as The Hidden Room), released in 1949, may have been a higher note to retire on...but it really was a pleasure to view the legendary actress one last time (and I'll Get You really isn't all that bad).

One may easily note the grace with which this woman was aging. Though not even close to 40 years old when she retired from the screen, it is very safe to say that Sally Gray could have continued on as a leading lady for many years after had she wished it.

Here are some images of Sally Gray in I'll Get You:

Sally Gray puts the squeeze on George Raft

Jo Ann Harris on The Virginian

In 1971, Jo Ann Harris was a guest star on an episode of The Virginian (known as The Men from Shiloh in it's final season). In the previous year, the actress had appeared on another episode of the show, albeit in a smaller capacity. Jo Ann Harris was no stranger to Old West television, having already appeared on episodes of Gunsmoke and The High Chaparral (and she would go to appear in a TV pilot for an adaptation of Cat Ballou and in 1979 would co-star in Wild Wild West TV movie).

Jo Ann Harris's guest role on The Virginian is perhaps one of her best early roles (given that several of her early roles are not easily seen due to their obscurity). The actress, though around 21 years old at the time, is given the role of a much younger girl...a problem she would face in the early 1970s until breaking out of the typecasting by starring in an exploitation film called Act of Vengeance in 1974.

Jo Ann Harris on The Virginian in 1971

Shortly after Jo Ann Harris appeared on The Virginian, she would be seen on the big screen in the Clint Eastwood film The Beguiled. Her television role could possibly be seen as a precursor to her movie role, with her natural sexuality magnified greatly for the silver screen.

Here are some images of Jo Ann Harris on The Virginian (The Men from Shiloh):

Jo Ann Harris and Lee Majors

Jo Ann Harris and Lee Majors again

A fantastic photo of Barbara De Rossi

Here is a terrific signed picture from the mid-1980s of the beautiful Italian actress Barbara De Rossi.

Kay Lenz: Acting Naturally

Here's a late '70s fan magazine feature concerning actress Kay Lenz.

Taryn Power in Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger

In 1977, Taryn Power was second-billed in the movie Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger. The star was Patrick Wayne, the son of the legendary John Wayne, and Taryn Power was the daughter of matinee idol Tyrone Power. This combination of second generation film stars was easy publicity for the film.

Taryn Power & Patrick Wayne

Despite being billed second in the film, much of the attention now seems to be geared towards Taryn Power's female co-star Jane Seymour. Jane Seymour, of course, is a prolific actress who had already appeared in a James Bond movie and went on to endless work in film and television. This is compared to Taryn Power who worked for a short while in the mid-1970s and only appeared sporadically ever since.

However, after watching Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger, I was personally left with a more lasting impression of Taryn Power than with her co-star. Jane Seymour, a lovely looking woman, wearing skimpy outfits and with an obvious sexuality, for me just didn't match the unique charm of Taryn Power.

Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger is a fantastic movie. Many critics, both professional and amateur, have labeled the film a disappointment or in some way have indicated that it is lackluster. I found it to be incredibly enjoyable and not just because of the always entertaining Ray Harryhausen effects. Sure, Patrick Wayne is not the most solid actor but I truly believe his cheesiness was a nod to adventure films of the past (such as the work of Tyrone Power who typically left something to be desired in the acting department). Besides, Patrick Troughton brings the camp and, of course, the female casting is right on.

Here are some images of Taryn Power in Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger:

Taryn Power & Jane Seymour