Charlotte Rampling in Orca

In 1977, Charlotte Rampling co-starred with Richard Harris in Orca, one of the greatest when-animals-attack movies. At first, the thought of Charlotte Rampling in a summer blockbuster may seem strange, especially when one considers the bizarreness of the bulk of her other films from the 1970s. However, her obvious beauty and solid skills make her a natural choice for a project like this. Orca was also Charlotte Rampling's last film of that decade. She's in top form here, both in terms of physical attractiveness and performance-wise, and it's shame the actress didn't take part in some more big projects at the end of the '70s (Woody Allen would bring her back to the screen in 1980).

Here are some pictures of Charlotte Rampling in Orca:

Sally Gray in Obsession

Sally Gray was the best looking British actress of the 1940s and at the end of that decade she co-starred with Robert Newton and Phil Brown in Obsession. The 1949 film, retitled The Hidden Room for the American market, was Sally Gray's second to last movie before retiring from the screen after making one more picture in 1952. Though Obsession is mostly about an angry husband who imprisons his wife's current lover in an underground chamber, Sally Gray shines throughout as the beautiful, unfaithful wife.

It's a shame that Sally Gray didn't continue working throughout the 1950s. The actress looks so lovely in Obsession and was certainly doing some of her best work in the late 1940s.

Here are some images of Sally Gray in Obsession (aka The Hidden Room):

Sally Gray and Phil Brown

Sally Gray and Robert Newton

Sally Gray and Naunton Wayne

Jill Townsend in Sitting Target

In 1972, Jill Townsend had a small but important role in Sitting Target, a fun, violent buddy movie wonderfully directed by Douglas Hickox. The movie stars Oliver Reed and Ian McShane (who have quite a bit of fun with their roles) as friends who escape from prison so Reed can kill his wife who has been cheating on him. Of course, they will need money to flee the country afterwards, so they go see a guy who they know has a bunch of money. That guy's mistress is played by Jill Townsend and Oliver Reed and Ian McShane put the squeeze on her. Jill Townsend doesn't have all that much to do here except look lovely, help Oliver Reed take a bath and sleep with Ian McShane. Still, her part in Sitting Target is a memorable one...a great part from an excellent film!

Here are some images of Jill Townsend in Sitting Target:

Jill Townsend gets intimidated by Ian McShane

Jill Townsend faces down a gun

Jill Townsend and a menacing Oliver Reed

Jennifer Edwards in The Carey Treatment

The Carey Treatment is one of those fantastic movies that a lot of people may have missed. This may be due to the general obscurity of the 1972 film or it might be because so many reviews of The Carey Treatment (by both professional critics and casual viewers) would have you believe it is not very good. I finally sat down and watched it and my suspicions were confirmed. Yes, a film directed by Blake Edwards, starring James Coburn, based off a book by Michael Crichton (written under a pseudonym) is actually amazing! An interesting story punctuated with a sly sense of humor and yet another great performance from James Coburn. The Carey Treatment is definitely worth watching.

Anyways, Blake Edwards put his daughter Jennifer Edwards in a lot of his projects over the years. Her first substantial role in any of his films was in The Carey Treatment, where she played the roommate of the girl who died and whose death James Coburn is investigating. For her role, the 14 year old Jennifer Edwards uses some sort of mock British accent which is alternately hilarious and concerning. Still, the young actress does a fine job with her small role, though her part in the film lasts only a few minutes. First, James Coburn questions her in her room then offers to give her a ride and proceeds to drive like a maniac (which includes jumping a drawbridge over a waterway) until she cries and tells him what he wants to know.

Here are some images of Jennifer Edwards in The Carey Treatment:

Britt Ekland in The Double Man

Before she was featured in The Man with the Golden Gun, Britt Ekland appeared in another spy film: The Double Man. Directed by the amazing Franklin J. Schaffner and starring the legendary Yul Brynner, The Double Man is a classic not to be missed. Though the scale of the film is small, taking place mostly in and around an Austrian ski resort, it is a fun and tense ride as Yul Brynner discovers that not only has his son died but something altogether more sinister is going on. Britt Ekland is around as superior eye candy.

Here are some images of Britt Ekland in The Double Man:

Britt Ekland and Yul Brynner

Here's a pair of original advertisements for The Double Man:

Rosemary Forsyth in The War Lord

In 1965, Rosemary Forsyth appeared in her second movie, The War Lord. The project was a team-up between two masters of the epic film, star actor Charlton Heston and director Franklin J. Schaffner. Rosemary Forsyth played the love interest in this medieval masterpiece and is appropriately beautiful in her role as a young villager who is coveted by new ruler Heston. The War Lord is an amazing film and I'm surprised it is not more popular as it towers (pun intended...the movie revolves around a lone tower overlooking the territory) over so many other medieval movies.

Here are some promotional photos of Rosemary Forsyth for The War Lord:

Here is some contemporary newspaper coverage of Rosemary Forsyth and The War Lord, including photos, an article and two original advertisements for the film:

Rosemary Forsyth actually doesn't have that much to do in The War Lord. She is mostly there to look nice and to look shocked at all the atrocities that occur throughout the movie. And so, finally, here are some images of Rosemary Forsyth in The War Lord (click to view full size):

Rosemary Forsyth with Guy Stockwell in the background

Rosemary Forsyth and Charlton Heston face the blade