Barbara De Rossi in Sweets from a Stranger

Here are a few images of Barbara De Rossi in the 1987 Italian thriller Caramelle da uno sconosciuto (Sweets from a Stranger).

Theresa Russell in Straight Time

In 1978, Theresa Russell made her second-ever film appearance, co-starring with Dustin Hoffman in Straight Time. Looking very young and beautiful, Theresa Russell gives a very engaging performance and the camera simply loves her.

In Straight Time, Theresa Russell plays Jenny Mercer, a young woman working at an employment agency who befriends the recently paroled Max Dembo (Dustin Hoffman). Her motivations are never really made clear in the movie, but she nevertheless begins a romantic relationship with Max Dembo. Regardless of her ill-defined character, Theresa Russell is highly watchable, as are the other members of the supporting cast. In fact, the supporting cast of Straight Time (Harry Dean Stanton, Gary Busey and M. Emmet Walsh alongside Theresa Russell) really make the film worthwile.

Here are some pics of Theresa Russell in Straight Time:

Theresa Russell and Dustin Hoffman

Kay Lenz in The Initiation of Sarah

In 1978, Kay Lenz starred in a made for television Carrie clone called The Initiation of Sarah. While not entirely successful, the movie was nonetheless entertaining and featured a fun cast of familiar faces. Kay Lenz did a fine job in the lead role and looked pretty good doing it.

Kay Lenz and Shelley Winters

Here are some pics of Kay Lenz in The Initiation of Sarah:

Kay Lenz and Tisa Farrow

Kay Lenz and Morgan Brittany

Kathryn Harrold as Lauren Bacall

In 1980, Kathryn Harrold portrayed Lauren Bacall in a TV movie about the life of Humphrey Bogart called Bogie. How much Kathryn Harrold resembles Lauren Bacall and how well she did imitating the actress is all up for debate. However, I will say that Kathryn Harrold's performance is quite satisfactory.

Here are some examples of contemporary press for Bogie. In the third clipping, Kathryn Harrold is quoted at length and she discusses her views concerning playing Lauren Bacall, how she researched her role and many other topics.

Here are some images of Kathryn Harrold in Bogie:

Kathryn Harrold and Kevin O'Connor