Charlotte Rampling in Sherlock Holmes in New York

In 1976, Charlotte Rampling portrayed Irene Adler in Sherlock Holmes in New York. The movie was made for television and starred Roger Moore as Sherlock Holmes, Patrick Macnee as Dr. Watson and John Huston as Professor Moriarty. In my opinion, the project was exceptionally cast and the outcome is tremendously enjoyable.

Charlotte Rampling with her co-stars Roger Moore and Patrick Macnee

Charlotte Rampling shines throughout Sherlock Holmes in New York and she looks great in her period costumes and hairstyles. She acts effortlessly alongside star Roger Moore (my favorite James Bond, by the way). It's always nice to see Charlotte Rampling in a straightforward role, since she used to spend so much of her time doing European film oddities.

Here are some publicity photos of Charlotte Rampling and her co-stars from Sherlock Holmes in New York:

Here are some images of Charlotte Rampling in Sherlock Holmes in New York:

Samantha Eggar in The Light at the Edge of the World

In 1971, Samantha Eggar co-starred alongside Kirk Douglas and Yul Brynner in The Light at the Edge of the World. The movie was based on a Jules Verne story and was filmed in Spain. The following year Samantha Eggar and Yul Brynner would re-team for the ill-fated Anna and the King television series, but it was here that they would first show off their excellent chemistry.

The Light at the Edge of the World was not an overwhelming success at the box office at the time of it's release in 1971. However, the film has had a steady audience over the years, thanks to VHS and DVD releases, and some (like me) consider it to be a classic of the pirate movie genre. It's not a traditional high seas, swashbuckling pirate movie, as the movie takes places entirely on and around a small island that is home to a lighthouse. Yul Brynner perfectly portrays the evil pirate Jonathan Kongre leading a sadistic band of pirates. Samantha Eggar is also wonderful and beautiful as ever as Arabella, a woman who has survived the pirate's destruction of the ship she was sailing on.

The following is a collection of promotional materials for The Light at the Edge of the World, with a focus on the presence of Samantha Eggar:

Kitty Winn on Beacon Hill

Remember when Kitty Winn was on the night-time soap opera Beacon Hill in 1975? I don't but here two publicity photos of her for that show.

Kitty Winn and David Dukes

Kitty Winn and Paul Rudd

Apparently Beacon Hill was similar to the series Upstairs, Downstairs, which dealt with upper class and lower class people living in the same household. Beacon Hill was cancelled fairly quickly after a big hype campaign. The pilot episode for the series, however, did win an Emmy award for art direction and Fielder Cook was nominated for best director.