Another stunning Barbara De Rossi magazine cover

Twice before we've examined magazine covers featuring the beautiful Barbara De Rossi (here and here). Well, here is another example (circa 1984) of the young actress gracing a cover...and this one is particularly outstanding:

Carolyn Seymour in Steptoe and Son

In 1972, it looked as if Carolyn Seymour was going to be a big film star. The previous year she had co-starred with Albert Finney in the movie Gumshoe and with David Hemmings in Unman, Wittering and Zigo and the following year saw her acting alongside Peter O'Toole in The Ruling Class. 1972 also saw the lovely actress starring in a big screen adaptation of the popular television series Steptoe and Son. However, after appearing in these four popular features, Carolyn Seymour's film roles became more sporadic and she began concentrating on TV work.

In the 1972 Steptoe and Son movie Carolyn Seymour plays a stripper named Zita who unexpectedly falls in love with Harold, the 'son' of the film's title. Though Carolyn Seymour is well known for her trademark short hairstyle, this role called for her to wear a large, reddish wig for much of the film (she wears a curly wig for her stripping scenes). 

Carolyn Seymour did a great job with her part in Steptoe and Son. Besides doing some very classy stripping scenes at the beginning and end of the film, she also has many fine scenes with her co-stars, Harry H. Corbett and Wilfrid Brambell. Seymour's tremendous skills as an actress helped to make Steptoe and Son a cinematic triumph, with the perfect balance of humor and tragedy.

Ann Dusenberry in The Possessed

In 1977, Ann Dusenberry appeared in one of the largest roles so far in her career. The role was in a TV move titled The Possessed where she portrayed a beautiful young student at an all-girls school. Having only begun taking part in film and television projects about two years previously, this was a terrific showcase for the the talented actress.

One aspect of Ann Dusenberry's performance in The Possessed that many have noted was the fact she played a key scene in the movie opposite an actor who was on the cusp of becoming excessively popular: Harrison Ford. These two had a lot of chemistry in their single scene together.

This was the only real horror movie, besides Jaws 2, that Ann Dusenberry ever participated in. Undoubtedly, the lovely actress would have been great in a slasher flick if she had decided to do one...but, alas, horror film fans can only see her in these offerings.

Karen Allen in The Wanderers

In 1979, Karen Allen co-starred in The Wanderers, one of the best nostalgia/coming-of-age films ever made. The movie evokes a time and a place with great style and vast fact, the only 'problem' with this cinematic treasure is that Karen Allen does not get enough time on screen (at least one of her scenes was cut from the general release version). Regardless, Karen Allen is so strikingly beautiful in The Wanderers it's no wonder at all that her talents were utilized soon after and she became a huge movie star in the 1980s. This early performance from the gorgeous actress should be enjoyed by everyone!

Karen Allen in Terminus

In 1987, Karen Allen played a major role in the French/German science fiction film Terminus. Though she only appears in the first half of the movie (and in flashbacks later on), her character and her stature as a famous American actress were crucial components in the success of this wonderful cinematic treasure.

Terminus is one of those glorious sci-fi movies so full of imagination, ingenious internal logic and unique style, that only come along once in a rare while. Though, apparently, not that well known or remembered today, this film is one of the campiest classics you're ever likely to come across. Ignore any bad reviews you stumble upon and watch this one for yourself. The filmmakers put in a great deal of effort and it shows...the visual effects are spectacular and the movie is just pure fun.

In Terminus, Karen Allen plays Gus, the driver of experimental truck which has been created by a child genius and is currently taking part in some sort of twisted game across a futuristic landscape. The truck has its own computer brain, which continually speaks his mind, to help the driver navigate through various obstacles.

Karen Allen, looking quite lovely, does a great job with her character. She lends her presence to this fine film alongside a fabulous international cast which includes Jurgen Prochnow (in a triple role), Johnny Hallyday and Gabriel Damon (in a part somewhat similar to the one he plays in RoboCop 2). Though her time on-screen is limited, any fan of Karen Allen (not to mention sci-fi fans) would be well advised to take a look at this.

Brenda Bakke in Gunhed

In 1989, Brenda Bakke was second-billed in the outstanding Japanese sci-fi action film Ganheddo (also known as Gunhed). In the movie, Brenda Bakke portrays probably the best female action hero of all time. Why such a bold statement? Well, first of all, there's Bakke's extreme physical attractiveness (this is plain to see in the images below). Her good looks are then coupled with a marvelous, perfectly balanced performance. Brenda Bakke avoids being overly masculine or unnecessarily feminine and instead finds a highly watchable middle ground. 

Now, Gunhed is such an amazing film with such stunning special effects, superb sets and campy ideas and imagery, that it would have been a great film even without Brenda Bakke. However, her presence elevates the movie to a very high level of greatness. Gunhed is not universally loved but I would recommend it to any fan of science fiction and/or action...or anyone who wants to see a beautiful woman do a heroine role the absolute right way.