Another amazing Barbara De Rossi magazine cover

I'm utterly envious of people who people who speak Italian because they can watch Barbara De Rossi projects that no one will bother to make English subtitles for. Oh well, at least there are old TV Guide covers to look at like this one which promotes a 1988 TV movie called L'eterna giovinezza (Eternal Youth).

Mia Sara in Blindsided

In between feature film projects and TV show guest appearances during the 1990s, attractive actress Mia Sara starred in a number of TV movies. One of her best made-for-TV films of that decade was the fantastic neo-noir thriller Blindsided.

In Blindsided, Mia Sara plays (surprise!) a beautiful woman who gets involved with a thief (played by Jeff Fahey) who was temporarily blinded following the heist of half million dollars in drug money. Things get complex and violent when thugs attempt to retrieve the stolen cash. It's a fun movie, essentially an updated film noir, with great performances and lots of twists and turns. However, Mia Sara ultimately steals the show with her stunning physical beauty and perfect handling of her role.

Barbara Carrera in Wild Geese II

Barbara Carrera was in a lot of great movies in the 1980s and one of her best projects from that decade was Wild Geese II. A fantastic, action-packed sequel to the legendary 1978 film, Wild Geese II was perhaps not the financial success the producers had hoped for. However, this cinema classic has developed a fervent following since its original 1985 theatrical release.

The participation of stunning actress Barbara Carrera is no doubt one of the factors that made Wild Geese II such a fine film. Topping off an exceptional male cast (including Scott Glenn, Edward Fox, Laurence Olivier, Robert Webber and many more), is Carrera as the perfectly cast female lead. She shares many of her scenes in the film with Scott Glenn and the pair have excellent chemistry on-screen.

In the Wild Geese II, Barbara Carrera achieves a masterful blend of sensuality and vulnerability, all while maintaining a confident screen presence. Any fan of hers that has not seen this movie should probably take a look at it.

Barbara Carrera and John Terry

Barbara Carrera and Laurence Olivier

Suzy Amis in Plain Clothes

In 1987, Suzy Amis co-starred with Arliss Howard in Plain Clothes. The movie is about a cop who goes undercover as a high school student after his younger brother is accused of murdering a faculty member. Suzy Amis plays a teacher at the school who befriends the policeman, not knowing his true identity.

Same as with her other film from 1987, The Big Town, Suzy Amis does an excellent job. Besides looking beautiful, the young actress displayed a definite talent here that easily explains her cinematic success in the years after this project.

Brenda Bakke on High Mountain Rangers

In early 1988, lovely actress Brenda Bakke appeared on the short-lived television series High Mountain Rangers. In one of the final episodes of this Robert Conrad show, Bakke portrays a Russian skier who decides she wants to defect to the USA.

This episode of High Mountain Rangers is one of Brenda Bakke's earliest TV roles. She is young, gorgeous and, it was obvious even at this early stage in her career, very talented. Bakke is called upon to do a Russian accent here and she does this very well. With a stellar combination of physical beauty and acting skill, this can be considered a great guest appearance for the actress and it's no wonder that she went on to much success in the following years.

Brenda Bakke on Jake and the Fatman

In the 1990s, beautiful actress Brenda Bakke divided her time between television and feature film work. In early 1992, Bakke's guest appearance on the classic crime series Jake and the Fatman was first broadcast. The episode, titled "Come Closer to Me," found Brenda Bakke portraying an attractive thief who works for a pickpocketing mastermind (played by the always campy Alex Cord). Jake (Joe Penny) infiltrates their criminal enterprise in order to gain information on an upcoming mob hit.

Joe Penny & Brenda Bakke on Jake and the Fatman

Brenda Bakke is completely at ease playing a sexy but somewhat vulnerable pickpocketing accomplice. She looks stunning throughout this Jake and the Fatman episode and she has great chemistry with star Joe Penny. Of course, as with nearly every female guest star on the show, her character falls in love with the studly Jake Styles. All in all, this was a very successful guest appearance for Brenda Bakke and she really did a great job with her role.

Michelle Phillips in The Man with Bogart's Face

In 1980, Michelle Phillips starred alongside Humphrey Bogart lookalike Robert Scacchi in The Man with Bogart's Face. Why this movie is not more well known is a mystery to me. It's a fantastic film and a great homage to Bogart and thrillers of the 1940s. With an exceptionally strong cast (including Franco Nero, Herbert Lom, Olivia Hussey, Sybil Danning and ton more familiar, a great cameo from Bogart contemporary George Raft!), clever script and a generally fun feel, this movie should not be missed.

Michelle Phillips does a great job in The Man with Bogart's Face. In the film, her character is supposed to resemble legendary actress Gene Tierney and this is successfully accomplished in many scenes. Phillips looks fantastic with a 1940s hairstyle and wardrobe and she seems to have been perfectly cast. She looks great throughout the movie and she brings a great energy and just the right amount of sensuality to her role.