Wendy Kilbourne on Matt Houston

In one of Wendy Kilbourne's earliest television appearances, she popped up briefly in a first season episode of Matt Houston. In the 1983 episode titled 'The Showgirl Murders', Wendy Kilbourne gets a few moments of screen-time playing Joyce (who just got off the bus from Des Moines), who shows up for an audition for a night club show. She even gets to say a couple lines before being swept off the screen, though she doesn't really get to interact with Matt Houston star Lee Horsley.

Wendy Kilbourne would return to Matt Houston the following year, though her role was still not a substantial one. This time, however, she would at least get her name on the opening guest credits and get to share the screen with star Lee Horsley.

1984 was the year that Wendy Kilbourne's TV career really started to take off. Just five days before her second episode of Matt Houston would originally air on ABC in January 1984, her first big guest role on Knight Rider would air on NBC. She would follow up these appearances with featured roles on Riptide and The A-Team (plus a minor role on Cover Up) that same year.

Here are some images of Wendy Kilbourne in the second season episode of Matt Houston called 'Houston Is Dead':