Samantha Eggar on Ghost Squad

1963 was a busy year for Samantha Eggar. She had begun her career just two years before, making her television debut on the BBC's Rob Roy series, followed by a guest appearance on the dramatic anthology series Rendezvous. 1962 saw Samantha Eggar appear in her first feature film (alongside several other rising stars) in The Wild and the Willing. 1963 saw Samantha Eggar take part in a number of UK teleplays and TV shows, including Ghost Squad, as well as being featured in another movie, Doctor in Distress. Her final television guest star role before focusing exclusively on cinema for a decade was on The Saint, in late 1963. Two years later she would be nominated for an Oscar and win the Golden Globe award for best actress.

Back in 1963, however, Samantha Eggar was still an up-and-coming actress and her guest appearance on the crime drama Ghost Squad shows significant evidence of her potential. She has a strong and wonderful presence and her star quality is very apparent.

In the Ghost Squad episode 'Hot Money', a convoluted tale about counterfeit money, Samantha Eggar plays Mina. Mina is the granddaughter of an old Italian man, who owns an art shop and, even though she moved to England when she was five years old, still retains a rather strong Italian accent. As a testament to her burgeoning acting skills, the quite British Samantha Eggar does a fine job using a foreign accent throughout the episode. She also sports a fabulously puffy hairdo, which she likewise pulls off in great style.

The following are some images of Samantha Eggar appearing on Ghost Squad: