Barbara De Rossi in Son Contento

In 1983, Barbara De Rossi co-starred alongside Francesco Nuti in the movie Son contento. It's an Italian film and thus is in the Italian language. Since I don't speak Italian, and the movie has not been subtitled or dubbed as far as I know, I have not had the opportunity to actually watch it.

Roughly, Son contento (which translates to 'I'm Happy' in English) is about a stand-up comedian (played by Francesco Nuti who looks a bit like an Italian Martin Short) whose girlfriend (Barbara De Rossi) decides to leave him. After she walks out on him, he hits rock bottom. Eventually, he gets it together again, reconnects with his girlfriend only to lose her once more.

Son contento was produced during Barbara De Rossi's heyday in the 1980s and she looks fantastic in the film. I only wish I could actually watch the movie properly. Maybe it will be released with subtitles someday. Maybe I should learn Italian!

Here are some images of Barbara De Rossi in Son contento: