Charlotte Rampling in The Long Duel

In 1967, Charlotte Rampling was featured in the supporting cast of Ken Annakin's The Long Duel, a classic adventure film set in India in the 1920s. Yul Brynner plays sultan, the charismatic leader of a tribe that has decided to revolt against British control. Trevor Howard plays the man who must catch Sultan, despite his sympathy to the Indian people and the animosity of his British co-workers. Charlotte Rampling portrays Jane, the daughter of the police superintendent, who falls in love with Trevor Howard's character.

Promotional pic of Charlotte Rampling for The Long Duel 

Before Charlotte Rampling began doing art films, she was in The Long Duel. Her acting career had only begun two years prior, in 1965, with her first substantial role in the movie Rotten to the Core. She followed this up with a very visible part in the popular Georgy Girl. After Georgy Girl, Charlotte Rampling spent some time doing guest appearances on UK television, perhaps most notably on a wonderfully campy episode of The Avengers.

In the summer of 1967, The Long Duel premiered in London. Her role in the film is not huge, but nonetheless memorable. Knowing the type of presence she would bring to the screen in later years, it is fun to watch Charlotte Rampling in the early role, playing it completely straight. She brings a credible, youthful energy to her part and succeeds in livening up the proceedings. Almost all of her screen-time is shared with Trevor Howard and the two work well together.

The following are some images of Charlotte Rampling in The Long Duel:

Charlotte Rampling and Trevor Howard

Charlotte Rampling and Harry Andrews