Wendy Kilbourne in Condor

In 1986, Wendy Kilbourne co-starred with actor Ray Wise in a feature-length pilot for a proposed television series called Condor. Condor was a sci-fi project, set in the near future of 1999. Ray Wise played a crime fighting cop named Christopher Proctor, working for the Condor Organization run by the wealthy Cyrus Hampton (played by Craig Stevens). At the beginning of the movie, Proctor is teamed up by Hampton with a new partner: a 'bionic woman' of sorts named Lisa Hampton (Wendy Kilbourne). They go on to battle The Black Widow, a supercriminal who has just escaped from prison and is out to do some damage and get revenge on Proctor for having put her away in the first place.

Wendy Kilbourne was no stranger to television in 1986. She had already been the featured guest star on shows like Knight Rider, Riptide, The A-Team, and Hotel. Her biggest success had come in 1985 after playing a prominent role in the massive cast of the TV miniseries North and South and its subsequent continuation North and South Book II in 1986.

Condor didn't end up getting made into a proper TV series. That's unfortunate because I think it would have made a really fun show. Wendy Kilbourne has such a charming presence, I would have enjoyed seeing more of her in this type of show. I know some people have thought that Condor didn't come off all that well, but I think some of that may be from expecting too much. Condor seems to be designed to be light, fluffy and campy and works best as sheer entertainment.

Following Condor, Wendy Kilbourne maintained her presence on television. In 1987 she was cast in the short-lived TV show version of the movie Nothing in Common. The following year she landed her biggest role since North and South, as rich radio station owner Devon King on the popular NBC series Midnight Caller.

Wendy Kilbourne and Craig Stevens

Wendy Kilbourne's eyes

Wendy Kilbourne and Ray Wise

Wendy Kilbourne and James Avery