Barbara De Rossi in Quo Vadis?

In 1985, Barbara De Rossi co-starred alongside an international cast in Quo Vadis?, a television miniseries about ancient Rome during the reign of Nero. Barbara De Rossi portrays Eunice, the faithful companion/slave of Petronius (played by Frederic Forrest) and appears as one of three female lead characters (the others being Cristina Raines as Poppaea and Marie Therese Relin as Lygia). The character of Eunice does not have a huge role in the miniseries but she does get her fair share of screen-time. Barbara De Rossi's performance is very understated and, of course, she looks beautiful throughout and thus her character comes off as one of the most memorable (for me at least!).

Though apparently not liked by some viewers, Quo Vadis? is a very entertaining and well done miniseries. The project is well cast and features a mix of European and American actors and actresses. Additionally, the set design is wonderful, as is the art direction, lighting and photography. Some people have unfairly compared this 1985 version of Quo Vadis to the 1951 motion picture, but the two projects are very different and I tend to think it is usually best to let things stand on their own and be judged on their own merits.

Quo Vadis? is actually the first thing that I ever saw Barbara De Rossi in. Originally, I had sought out the miniseries because of Cristina Raines, one of my favorite actresses (you can see some images of Cristina Raines in Quo Vadis? here). However, I was delighted to discover Barbara De Rossi!

Here are some images of Barbara De Rossi in the first half of Quo Vadis?: