Charlotte Rampling on The Avengers

After being featured in the films Rotten to the Core and Georgy Girl in 1965 and 1966 respectively, Charlotte Rampling turned her attention to a string of UK television appearances. Perhaps the best remembered of her four TV guest spots was her role on The Avengers.

Unfortunately, Charlotte Rampling's Avengers episode is the only one of her four mid-'60s TV appearances that is generally available to the viewing public. The Avengers was popular in the UK and overseas and has been repeated consistently over the years on TV, made available on VHS and now has been released on DVD. The other shows that Charlotte Rampling appeared on (Five More, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Theatre 625) have not had the good fortune of enjoying such international success and are not as well remembered today, leading to a lack of repeats and home video releases. Maybe some or all of these items exist on the collector's circuit, or maybe they will turn up someday. Let's hope so!

Charlotte Rampling and Patrick Macnee

In the fifth season episode of The Avengers titled 'The Superlative Seven', Charlotte Rampling plays Hana. As one of a group of seven individuals, each outstanding in some way, she is ushered to an unknown location for sinister purposes. Hana is an expert shooter and dresses in cowboy gear for the duration of the episode, only occasionally removing a cowboy hat which normally places on the back of her head. Despite the silly costume, Charlotte Rampling still manages to look terrific throughout. She has a great exuberance and charming quality here, the same that she brought to many of her early roles.

Charlotte Rampling and Diana Rigg

Though they only share one scene together, it is also worth noting how amazing it is to see two of Britain's best and most beautiful actresses, Charlotte Rampling and Diana Rigg, on the screen together!

Here are some pictures of Charlotte Rampling on The Avengers: