Wendy Kilbourne is Devon King on Midnight Caller

In 1988, Wendy Kilbourne was cast as Devon King, the wealthy owner of a radio station, on the NBC hour-long drama Midnight Caller. Beginning in 1984, she had maintained a solid presence on American television, guest starring on several popular TV series and taking part in the miniseries North and South and North and South Book II. She was cast in the failed pilot for Condor in 1986 and also joined the cast of the TV show version of the movie Nothing in Common the following year. Her hard work eventually paid off with her casting in Midnight Caller. Though the show was not exceedingly well-watched at the time, its controversial topics helped make it a cult favorite. Midnight Caller was at least good enough and watched by enough people to get three seasons.

One of the selling points of Midnight Caller, beyond the broaching of contentious subject matter, was the relationship between the star of the show, ex-cop turned late-night radio talk show host Jack Killian (played by Gary Cole), and rich radio station owner Devon King. Their interactions on the show were always fun and there was a rather obvious sexual tension between the two.

Of course, Jack Killian and Devon King did not end up together. Wendy Kilbourne left Midnight Caller at the beginning of the third season and was replaced by actress Lisa Eilbacher. The show was not given a fourth season. Coincidence? I don't know but I do think Wendy Kilbourne was an integral part of Midnight Caller and her leaving definitely hurt the show.

Here are some pics of Wendy Kilbourne and Gary Cole from Midnight Caller:

Some cast photos from Midnight Caller: