Susan Saint James and The King of Denmark

Before gaining massive fame in McMillan & Wife, Susan Saint James was already portraying the lovely Peggy Maxwell on popular TV series The Name of the Game. Typically, Peggy Maxwell was only featured in small doses on The Name of the Game. In the 1970 episode "The King of Denmark," however, Susan Saint James' character is placed at the forefront.

In "The King of Denmark," magazine researcher Peggy Maxwell goes to a small town in Virginia to see an old college friend who performs with a Shakespeare troupe. After arriving, she is told that the whole troupe died after their bus crashed. Wanting to know what really happened to her old friend, Peggy begins to dig deeper into the matter. Eventually, she uncovers a sinister plot, one which involves the possible existence of a lost Shakespeare manuscript.

Susan Saint James is wonderful in this Name of the Game episode. The actress brings a ton of charm to her role in this ludicrous mystery. She proved once again that she was completely apt in a lead role and it's easy to see why only a short time later she would go on to even bigger things.

Here are some images of Susan Saint James on The Name of the Game: