Glynis Barber in The Wicked Lady

The Wicked Lady is one of those oft-maligned films that is actually really good. Some people, professional and amateur reviewers alike, would have you believe that the film is a complete mess and a waste of time. Before I even saw The Wicked Lady I knew it had a high probability of being hugely entertaining. With the sheer amount of talent involved there was really no doubt. Michael Winner directs, Jack Cardiff is the cinematographer, plus a support cast with some of the best British actors -- Denholm Elliot, Alan Bates, John Gielgud, Prunella Scales and more. Mix in the way-over-the-top Faye Dunaway and the gorgeous Glynis Barber and, lo and behold, you have a great movie on your hands.

Glynis Barber is fantastic in The Wicked Lady. The actress shines in this historical feature, looking lovely in the period fashions and giving a very nice, nuanced performance as the second female lead. Glynis Barber is the perfect complement the outrageous Faye Dunaway.