Samantha Eggar in Doctor in Distress

In 1963, Samantha Eggar appeared in her second ever feature film, the very funny Doctor in Distress. It was the first comedy the actress had taken part in and it certainly prepared her for later humorous efforts (Doctor Dolittle and the Anna and the King TV series) including her ultimate comedic triumph four years later, Walk Don't Run.

Samantha Eggar's time on screen in Doctor in Distress is somewhat limited but the wonderful British actress is nevertheless quite memorable. In the movie, The beautiful Samantha Eggar plays a beautiful model named Delia who comes to hospital and meets up with a dashing doctor, played by star Dirk Bogarde. Eggar does all of her scenes with Bogarde and the pair do very well together.

All things considered, this was a very fine role for Samantha Eggar. It showed audiences not only how good she looked physically, but also displayed her natural charm and terrific screen presence. It's no wonder that just two years later, Eggar would be in Hollywood getting a Oscar nomination!

Here are some promotional pictures of Samantha Eggar for Doctor in Distress:

Here are some images of Samantha Eggar in Doctor in Distress: