Karen Allen on Knots Landing

In 1979, Karen Allen was the special guest star in the pilot for the TV series Knots Landing. The young actress had only recently begun appearing in film and television projects and her role in this Dallas spin-off was great exposure for her. Soon after, Karen Allen would be featured in some very high profile films and she would not return in earnest to television until the 1990s.

In the pilot for Knots Landing, Karen Allen plays a wild, troubled teenage girl named Annie who causes great distress for her parents. It's a fun part and one wishes that Karen Allen could have been on the show or at least have had a recurring role.

Karen Allen was stunningly beautiful when she appeared on Knots Landing. The actress flashes her trademark smile a few times and, since she is playing a teenage girl, gets to do the things that teenagers are known for like acting angry, acting depressed, etc. It really would have been nice to have seen Karen Allen do a few more roles where she played a younger character since shortly after this she moved on to playing adult roles exclusively.

Here are some images of Karen Allen on Knots Landing: