Carolyn Seymour in The Assignment

The Assignment is somewhat of an oddity. It's an excellent movie, highly watchable and well made, but has never really gotten the attention it deserves. Despite the film having star power in the form of Christopher Plummer, the Swedish-made The Assignment has languished for too long.

Besides a campy Christopher Plummer, The Assignment boasts a great performance from Swedish actor Thomas Hellberg and also the presence of the gorgeous Carolyn Seymour. The 1977 film is set in Latin America and Plummer and Seymour both are meant to have accents, both both actors drop their accents shortly after the movie begins. 

One gets the feeling that if The Assignment had been bigger, it would have been great exposure for an actress like Carolyn Seymour. Nevertheless, Carolyn Seymour is fantastic in the film, smoking lots of cigarettes and projecting a confident, sexy cool.