Jill Townsend on Hawk

In 1966, Jill Townsend made one of her first television appearances on the Burt Reynolds detective series Hawk. In the episode "The Living End of Sisterbaby," the beautiful Jill Townsend plays a beautiful model named Belinda. When a famous model named Sisterbaby is murdered, Belinda (who is also known as Baby Sisterbaby) fears for her life. Detective John Hawk (Burt Reynolds) must get to the bottom of things.

For her appearance on Hawk, Jill Townsend not only had fantastic visual appeal but the young actress also offered a great deal of charm and charisma. The following year the actress would join the permanent cast of a TV show (Cimarron Strip) and it's easy to see why. Jill Townsend, an American with a British accent, had that rare combination of looks and likeability and was someone audiences could really dig when she came on screen.

Here are some pictures of Jill Townsend on Hawk: