Jane Greer in You for Me (1952)

Jane Greer with her You for Me co-stars Peter Lawford and Gig Young

In 1952, Jane Greer starred in her first and only romantic comedy, You for Me. The movie was certainly a change of pace for Jane Greer who, at the time, was best known for playing the femme fatale in the film noir classic Out of the Past and other assorted non-comedic roles (for example: Station West)  In You for Me, Jane Greer played the object of desire for two leading men, Peter Lawford and Gig Young, giving the actress a chance to show skills opposite someone besides Robert Mitchum (her co-star in two of her most popular previous films).

Here are some vintage newspaper advertisements and reviews of You for Me.

Here are a few promotional photos of Jane Greer and her co-stars from You for Me: