Meg Foster on The Mod Squad

Early in her career, Meg Foster made two guest appearances on the Mod Squad television series, first in in 1970 and then again a year later. Neither role garnered her much screen time. Nevertheless, Meg Foster managed to make the most of what she had to work with and ended up with a memorable pair of appearances.

Who Are the Keepers, Who Are the Inmates? (October 6, 1970)

In Meg Foster's first Mod Squad guest role, she plays Cora, a young patient at Valhalla Sanitarium. This happens to be the same mental health institution that Mod Squad member Linc (Clarence Williams III) decides to go undercover in to expose brutal, experimental methods that he believes are being used on unsuspecting patients. Linc eventually bonds with Cora, who has gone crazy after being assaulted by a group of men.

This episode was one of the earliest examples of Meg Foster's long history of television guest appearances. She doesn't get to say much, since she is supposed to be traumatized, but she looks wonderful and gets to do some expressive acting.

Death of a Nobody (December 7, 1971)

After appearing in a third season episode of The Mod Squad, Meg Foster came back to do another small role in the fourth season. This time she plays the pregnant wife of a guy with a shady past.

Meg Foster doesn't really have much to do here (except look great) since the episode is not about her. She only really has one scene where she gets to do dialogue, but her presence is enough to brighten things up a bit.

Meg Foster and Clarence Williams III on the Mod Squad