Alexis Smith in Steel Against the Sky

In 1941, Alexis Smith was top-billed in the movie Steel Against the Sky. Previously, she had only had two substantial film roles (in Dive Bomber and The Smiling Ghost). The fact that Alexis Smith was billed first here, even though she had much less screen-time than her two co-stars, was presumably good news for the actress. Following Steel Against the Sky, she would appear in a number of big movies alongside many big stars throughout the rest of the decade.

Clocking in at just over an hour in length, Steel Against the Sky was Warner Brothers programmer meant to appear on the screen as part of a double feature. The plot concerned a family of bridge builders, with two brothers fighting over the daughter of the boss. Alexis Smith is quite appealing here and, while she doesn't have all that much to do, she nonetheless does very well with her role. She also has great chemistry with her co-star Craig Stevens, so much so that the pair got married in real life a few years later.

Here are some promotional images of Alexis Smith an her co-stars (Craig Stevens and Lloyd Nolan) from Steel Against the Sky:

Here are some images of Alexis Smith in Steel Against the Sky:

Alexis Smith and Gene Lockhart

Alexis Smith during her extreme close-up