Janet Leigh in Just This Once (1952)

In 1952, Janet Leigh was first-billed in the romantic comedy Just This Once. She was the object of desire for two leading men, Peter Lawford and Richard Anderson.

Of course, Janet Leigh was no stranger to romance or comedy at this point in her career. In Just This Once, she deftly handles her role: she is funny and charming and looks stunning the entire time. The plot revolves around a thrifty, engaged to be married, lawyer (Janet Leigh) who must straighten out the finances of a millionaire playboy (Peter Lawford). It's a simple premise, but the movie moves along briskly with great performances all around and many funny scenes. I'm a big fan of old and new "rom-coms" and I definitely felt that this was a particularly enjoyable example.

Here are some images of Janet Leigh and her Just This Once co-star Peter Lawford:

Here's a picture of Janet Leigh with Marilyn Erskine:

And finally, two pics of Janet Leigh with her two leading men from Just This Once, Peter Lawford and Richard Anderson: