Frances Farmer in Exclusive

There's not much I could write about Frances Farmer that hasn't already been written. She's one of those legendary entertainers whose career ended too early leading to heavy scrutiny of the work that she did do. However, I don't care much for the mythology surrounding Frances Farmer...I'm much more interested in her fantastic performances on film. One such performance was in the 1937 movie Exclusive.

Exclusive is a fine film and, unfortunately, one of those titles that the powers that be refuse to release in a proper format. Frances Farmer plays Vina Swain, daughter of a newspaper man (Charles Ruggles plays her father). Fred MacMurray, also a newspaper man, plays her boyfriend and the two have some very nice chemistry in their scenes together. At 77 minutes in length, Exclusive moves along at a fairly brisk pace and certainly offered enough story-wise to keep my interest. Of course, Frances Farmer alone is worth the price of admission...she looks beautiful and she gives an engaging performance.