Eleanor Parker in The Mysterious Doctor

In 1943, Eleanor Parker was second-billed in The Mysterious Doctor. It was her biggest role up until that time (she had made her feature film debut the previous year in Busses Roar).

Only an hour long, The Mysterious Doctor was a B-movie programmer made to be shown as part of a cinema double feature. The story revolves around a small town in Cornwall with a supposedly haunted tin mine, with many references to the British war effort thrown in to make it current for 1943.

Eleanor Parker has several scenes in The Mysterious Doctor and her character is actually is somewhat integral to the plot, not completely superfluous as sometimes female characters in these types of films are. Still, she didn't have too much to work with here but Eleanor Parker's acting ability is quite evident throughout and she manages to breathe some life into her role. And, of course, she looks beautiful too!

Here's a clip of one of Eleanor Parker's scenes in the movie where she gets a chance to scream in terror:

Here are some pictures of Eleanor Parker in The Mysterious Doctor:

Eleanor Parker and Bruce Lester