Kathleen Beller in Deadly Messages

In 1985, Kathleen Beller starred in the TV thriller Deadly Messages. Her co-star was Michael Brandon, who she had previously shared the screen with several years before in the 1979 film Promises in the Dark.

Deadly Messages can be seen as a successful conclusion to a trio of TV thrillers featuring Kathleen Beller. In 1978 she had starred in Are You in the House Alone? and in 1981 she had done No Place to Hide, both fun made-for-television projects. After taking a break from TV movies, Kathleen Beller returned to the format in 1985 with Deadly Messages, perhaps her campiest foray into the TV thriller genre. Looking exceptionally cute with short hair, she unravels the mystery of her identity, beginning with the use of a Ouija board.

Here are some contemporary newspaper clippings concerning Deadly Messages and its star Kathleen Beller:

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