Samantha Eggar in The Dead Are Alive

In 1972, Samantha Eggar co-starred alongside an international cast in the Italian horror-thriller L'etrusco uccide ancora. This film is also known as The Dead Are Alive as well as the literally translated title The Etruscan Kills Again.

The Dead Are Alive is actually a great vehicle for the lovely Samantha Eggar. She looks fantastic and is favored with some beautiful close-up shots throughout the movie. And while the actress is not given much dialogue to work with, she more than makes up for it with deep, soulful eyes and her gorgeous mane of red hair. Samantha Eggar shares many of her scenes with the star of the film, the outrageous Alex Cord (who one can compare to either John Holmes or Ron Burgundy, depending on how you look at it) and the duo have passable chemistry.

Additionally, The Dead Are Alive can be considered the the final triumph of the first stage of the Samantha Eggar's incredible career in cinema. The actress made this film right before she basically abandoned the glory of the big screen for the dubious world of mid-70s American television. The Dead Are Alive is an enjoyable movie (I wasn't sure it would be but it is actually quite entertaining and well made) and it is worth the time of any fan of Samantha Eggar.

Here are two contemporary reviews of The Dead Are Alive, one positive and one negative:

Yes, there is a line missing from the above review (from the beginning of the fourth paragraph).

Here are some images of Samantha Eggar in The Dead Are Alive (click any pic for a full size view):

Samantha Eggar & Carlo De Mejo

Samantha Eggar & Carlo De Mejo again

Samantha Eggar & John Marley

Samantha Eggar & Horst Frank

Samantha Eggar & Alex Cord