Meg Foster on Circle of Fear

In 1973, Meg Foster was a guest star on an episode of Circle of Fear titled 'Spare Parts'. The show had previously been known as Ghost Story and Meg Foster had also made a guest appearance on the series when it was known by that name.

Meg Foster had very distinctive eyes and this particular TV appearance really made use of this fact. Her character was a blind woman who was receiving an eye transplant. Since this was a horror anthology, the actress was able to use her translucent blue eyes to great, creepy effect when it turned out that the eye donor left some unfinished business after his death.

As with so many of her other early 1970s television guest appearances, Meg Foster does a great job here. And, as you can see in the pictures below, she even gets a chance to wear two different pairs of very hip sunglasses!

Here are some images of Meg Foster on Circle of Fear: