Frances Farmer in Rhythm on the Range

In 1936, Frances Farmer co-starred with the legendary Bing Crosby in Rhythm on the Range. The movie was a comedy about a rich girl and a cowboy eventually falling in love, with Bing throwing in a few songs throughout.

Frances Farmer is amazing in Rhythm on the Range and the film is a showcase not only for her natural talent and charm, but for stunning looks and innate star-quality. Rhythm on the Range is not, perhaps, the first movie people think of when thinking about Frances Farmer. However, even though the movie is rather slight, it was her first 'big' movie. It is great to see the wonderful Farmer in a light, comedic setting and she really excels in this environment. She has great chemistry with Bing Crosby and (alongside the over-the-top antics of Martha Raye and Bob Burns) it makes for an entertaining picture.

Here are some images of Frances Farmer in Rhythm on the Range: