Ornella Muti on The Hitchhiker

In 1986, Ornella Muti appeared alongside actor Tom Skerritt on an episode of the anthology series The Hitchhiker. In a very intense, gritty riff on religion and death titled 'True Believer', Tom Skerritt plays a hardened, alcoholic cop investigating the suicide of a priest in a remote town. Told that the building where the priest died is demonically possessed, Skerritt scoffs and proceeds in investigate...only to have his own demons uncovered.

Ornella Muti actually plays several roles The Hitchhiker, primarily that of a nun who has been dead for decades and Skerritt's character's wife (and also his daughter, apparently). I guess you could also say that she plays the demon, as well. Whatever role she is in, she looks absolutely stunning. Muti, who had been an international sex symbol for over 15 years when this came out, shows that she has not lost her touch whatsoever.

Of course, this episode of The Hitchhiker is great beyond the merely the presence of Ornella Muti. Tom Skerritt does a good job too as the grizzled cop, but the really strengths here lie in the disturbing writing and fine camerawork. I'm not generally a huge fan of religion-based horror stories, but this one is really engaging and certainly worth a look for fans of Muti.

Here are some images of Ornella Muti on The Hitchhiker: