Tuesday Weld on Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theater

Tuesday Weld never saw fit to do many westerns during her long career and when she did, it was only on television, never in a feature film. Apart from her appearance on Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theater, she only took part in one other project set in the Old West (a guest spot on the TV series Cimarron Strip). 

In an episode of Zane Grey Theater titled 'The Mormons', we get a rare glimpse of Tuesday Weld in the 19th century. In this guest appearance, the beautiful young actress plays the beautiful young daughter of the leader of a group of Mormons. These poor Mormons are simply looking for a peaceful place to settle but have been endlessly persecuted. When they arrive near Joshua City, the people of that town decide to not let the Mormons cross the river under the pretense that these settlers are carrying cholera. A standoff ensues when the Mormons announce that they are carrying no disease. 

Given a few brief scenes, it is a credit to the charm and appeal of Tuesday Weld that even in this format (a half hour western drama) she is able to make a great impact on the viewer.