Mia Sara in Any Man's Death

In 1988, Mia Sara co-starred with John Savage, William Hickey and Ernest Borgnine in Any Man's Death. A South African production, set (and filmed on location) in Namibia, the film deals with the subject of uncaptured Nazis hiding out in the remote regions of the African nation. When an American writer comes in search of a photojournalist who went missing in the area, he finds much more than he bargained for. Mia Sara portrays a beautiful young woman who may be involved in this strange situation.

Following the tremendous success of her first acting jobs (Legend, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, and the TV miniseries Queenie), Mia Sara began appearing in a number of interesting, lower budget film and television projects. One such project was Any Man's Death which afforded the stunning and talented young actress an opportunity to participate in an international production and to try her luck at using an Afrikaans accent.

Mia Sara is perfect for her role in Any Man's Death. She doesn't actually show up on screen until about a half hour into the movie, but we get to see her in a photograph during several early scenes. When she does appear, she handles her part with ease and confidence and her physical beauty is beyond compare. Though she doesn't have all that much to do in this film, she makes the most of her time on-screen and she manages to make a massive impact on the viewer.