Ann Dusenberry in Goodbye, Franklin High

In 1978, Ann Dusenberry co-starred with Lane Caudell in Goodbye, Franklin High. The film is a great look at late 1970's youth culture and a fine coming of age story. It's a down-to-earth glimpse at real problems faced by normal, middle class American teenagers in the '70s.

In Goodbye, Franklin High, Ann Dusenberry plays a beautiful high school junior who is dating a high school senior (played by Lane Caudell). As Caudell's character wrestles with the all-important decision of what he should do after he graduates, Dusenberry is at his side through tick and thin. Most of her scenes in the movie are with him and they make an attractive and realistic pairing. During the course of the film, we get to see them attend dances and parties, fool around on the beach, and we get to see them earnestly discuss life and love.

Ann Dusenberry does a very good job portraying a cute, levelheaded teenage girl in Goodbye, Franklin High. Her presence is one of the many highlights of this incredibly fun 1978 romp.

Ann Dussenberry and Darby Hinton

Ann Dusenberry and Lane Caudell