Jan Smithers in Our Winning Season

In 1978, Jan Smithers co-starred with Scott Jacoby, Joe Penny, Dennis Quaid and many others in a coming-of-age film called Our Winning Season. This nostalgia piece, about a group of high school students in 1967, was a successful blend of drama and comedy.

In Our Winning Season, Jan Smithers plays a key role and her wonderful performance is one of the many memorable aspects of the movie. Besides looking quite beautiful, the lovely young actress (who had only been acting for a couple years at this point) displays great skill and adds delightful nuances to her role. She plays the sister of the film's main character (Scott Jacoby) and she is dating a young man (Joe Penny) who is going to be shipped off to fight in the Vietnam War. Smithers handles her dramatic/emotional scenes with great depth and confidence and it's easy to see why she was in high demand for television work shortly after she appeared in Our Winning Season.

Jan Smithers and Joe Penny

Jan Smithers and Scott Jacoby