Melody Anderson on Philip Marlowe, Private Eye

In 1986, Melody Anderson was the featured guest star on the second season premiere of Philip Marlowe, Private Eye. In the episode "Blackmailers Don't Shoot," based on Raymond Chandler's 1933 short story of the same name, beautiful actress Melody Anderson portrays beautiful actress Rhonda Farr, the target of a complex blackmail/kidnapping scheme. There's only one person with enough cunning to crack the case: private dick Philip Marlowe (expertly played by Powers Boothe)!

Melody Anderson is impeccably cast as a glamorous 1930s movie queen. She's not only physically attractive enough to pull this off, her incredible talent allows for her fully embody the role. During her nearly twenty year screen career, Melody Anderson was only occasionally given the opportunity to appear in period pieces. This particular appearance makes one wish that she could have further explored historical film and television projects (she would have been great in a Western). Regardless, this is one of Melody Anderson's finest TV guest spots and it's recommended that her fans (if they haven't already sought it out) take a look at it.