Meredith Salenger in The Kiss

In 1988, an eighteen year old Meredith Salenger starred in a horror movie called The Kiss. The young actress had already come to the attention of many through several prominent roles (most notably The Journey of Natty Gann) and now she was being given the chance to star in her own horror film. Luckily, given Salenger's considerable appeal and charm, the film and her performance turned out quite well.

Because of the sheer amount of horror films being released in the 1980s, many genuinely excellent movies got lost in the shuffle. The Kiss is a great piece of glossy/trashy horror cinema complete with supernatural elements and teenagers in peril. The busty Meredith Salenger makes for a wonderful leading lady as she deals with the lusty Joanna Pacula becoming her new stepmother. Well-filmed and highly entertaining, The Kiss is a complete success even beyond the greatness of Meredith Salenger.