Kathryn Harrold in Women in White

Women in White was a two-part TV movie from 1979 (though the second part was later broadcast in two sections, for a total of 3 'chapters') and one of the stars was the magnificent Kathryn Harrold.

Women in White was supposed to become a regular TV series but never made it to that stage. So, all we have the pilot miniseries which is quite entertaining. Besides Kathryn Harrold, Women in White also featured a number of other well-known names, such as Robert Culp, Stuart Whitman, Patty Duke and a young Gerald McRaney. The lovely Kathryn Harrold shares many of her scenes with actor David Ackroyd.

The setting of Women in White is a large hospital in Florida and the plots revolve around it's diverse workers, with a particular focus on the female members of the staff. Conveniently, many of the people working at this medical facility also live in a giant apartment complex situated across the street.

When Women in White begins, Kathryn Harrold's character is one of the most prominently featured. There are so many other characters and storylines, however, that hers starts to get lost in the shuffle by the time we get to the second part. And perhaps that is one of the reasons why Women in White didn't get made into a regular series. The whole thing is a great mixture of fun and high-drama, but in the end it gets a little bogged down by all the stuff going on. Of course, if they had had more time to develop everything, I'm sure it would have worked out just fine.

Women in White would have made a great TV show but, alas, it was not meant to be. Some contemporary press for the project mentioned the fact that medical shows had fallen out of vogue during the late '70s and I guess, even though it had all the right elements, Women in White just wasn't strong enough to revive the genre.

Here are some images of Kathryn Harrold in Women in White: